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Powerful AI matches the shade with fully automatic skin tone analysis and personalized foundation recommendation.
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Find your perfect foundation shade in 3 easy steps


Instant Skin Tone Detection


Foundation Product Recommendation


Virtual Foundation Try-On

Partner with Retailers. Provide Perfect-Match Foundation Shades to Customers and Recommend Products.

Our solution allows customers to instantly find the perfect shade and also offer tailored product recommendations, giving customers the power to visualize the perfect look with our virtual try on technology, it’s time to boost sales with us!
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Full Spectrum Skin Tone Matching

By simply acessing the camera on your personal device, Perfect Corp. provides the most accurate skin tone detection and foundation shade finder. The AI deep learning algorithm detects the full spectrum of skin tones from a database of 89,969 shades with unlimited grades from light to dark, and true undertones from warm to cool.

Auto-Adjust Settings for Lighting, Face Position, and Face Angle

Overly bright or dim environmental lighting can greatly affect skin tone detection results, we therefore developed an auto lighting detection algorithm to automatically notify users of optimal lighting conditions.

The algorithm also detects a user's face position and face angle to ensure the optimal distance from the camera and best frontal facial area to minimize interfering shadows for the best possible results.

Foundation Shade Finder Virtual Try On Experience

Once a user's skin tone is accurately detected, they can virtually try on the perfect foundation match on their face in real time, as well as try on additional recommended warmer and cooler shades based on personal undertones.

Hyper Realistic Virtual Foundation Shade Finder

To mimick the real-world try-on process, the AR foundation try-on effect is applied to the user's face and neck area to deliver a highly realistic experience.

Users can adjust the intensity of the foundation coverage, simulating various thickness levels. Our AR foundation effect even support multiple foundation textures.

Supported Foundation Textures:


AI Foundation Shade Finder is available in:

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