ESG Commitments

Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading SaaS technology company offering AR & AI – powered solutions dedicated to the beauty and fashion industries. With a passion for technology, and a love for beauty and makeup at heart, we are building inclusive, eco-friendly, and frictionless cutting-edge solutions for the digital-first world.

Blending ESG Commitments into Our Corporate Culture

We strive to be a force for good through our product development philosophy, sustainability, long-term partnerships, creative community development, and inclusive workplace. Our solutions aim to make a positive impact on the planet by drastically reducing plastic waste, and other related carbon footprint emissions. Our algorithms are developed in house by a team of passionate engineers who work with inclusivity in mind, developing technologies that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity.

Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Perfect Corp. is committed to cultivating and developing a robust ESG strategy in accordance with UN Global Compact, UN SDGs, and RBA guidelines, which includes environmental, philanthropic, ethical, and economic responsibilities.

The UN SDGs outline some of the biggest global challenges, some of which overlap with our ESG commitments. We prioritize addressing the SDGs where we can make the biggest impact, taking into consideration our industry expertise, business model, and social impact efforts.

Key ESG Priorities


ESG Enabler
Helping our brand partners achieve their ESG goals by reducing waste through AR technology and virtual try-on solutions.

Helping our brand partners achieve their ESG goals by implementing AR technology and virtual try-on solutions is at the core of our business philosophy. Sharing our cutting-edge technology and AI & AR knowledge and expertise with global brands of all sizes offers them a fast path to an immediate and substantial reduction in their use of plastics by eliminating the need for product testers. In addition to this, our virtual try-on solutions have been proven to reduce product returns, leading to further reductions in waste and carbon emissions associated with product shipment. Our global partnerships are also an important catalyst for innovation and further AI technology development.
Green Office

Implementing green office policies across all business operation locations.

We are committed to implementing green office policies in all locations. We aim to gradually increase the proportion of green energy used, effectively lowering our corporate carbon footprint. We are also implementing a range of office maintenance mechanisms, aimed at lowering the energy used for AC and lighting in vacant conference rooms. Furthermore, we actively work towards eliminating the use of paper, and aim to switch to a 100% paperless model. We are also committed to increasing the amount of plants we grow in our offices, partially offsetting our carbon footprint, while boosting employee morale and creativity. Additionally, we are launching an education program for our employees to learn about the impact of personal plastic consumption, and waste reduction strategies.

Equality & Diversity
Striving to achieve gender-based parity and diversity among our employees on each level of the corporate ladder.

We are striving to achieve gender-based parity among our employees on each level of the corporate ladder, as well as among board members and board committees, and follow the equal pay for equal work principle. We believe that a diverse team is a source of strength and creativity, and actively work towards creating an inclusive organization that our employees can be genuinely proud of being a part of.

Our CEO has signed the UN CEO Statement of Support for the Women’s Empowerment Principles, further cementing our commitments to female empowerment in tech.
Talent Development

Providing a healthy working environment, and working towards increasing employee satisfaction.

The wellbeing of employees, in our view, is the foundation for sustainable development. We strive to provide a healthy working environment, and work towards increasing employee happiness.

We also believe that a continuous career development is an essential right for every person. This is why we implement talent-training programs, as well as provide access to a learning environment where employees can develop new skills best suited to their career and personal growth goals.
Customer Excellence

Ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes.

We ensure customers achieve their desired outcomes and help them feel confident in getting value from the products or services they are purchasing. We believe that consumers deserve to have their expectations met, or surpassed.
Inclusive Client Base

Working with brands and retailers of all sizes to maximize their potential by embracing sustainable innovation.

We work with brands and retailers of all sizes, from smaller, up-and-coming brands to well-established global beauty & fashion enterprises, helping them to achieve growth and meet their sales objectives, as well as maximize their brand potential by embracing innovation.
Charitable Donations

Contributing to the community by funding social services, education programs, and organizing other social activities.

Perfect Corp. is addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By having established the ‘CyberLink & Perfect Education Foundation’, we are contributing to the community by funding social services, education programs for economically underprivileged students, including a collaboration with several universities, and organizing other social activities, such as blood drive campaigns.

Honesty & Transparency
Taking active steps to respect and preserve human rights along the entire product development chain.

We take active steps to respect and preserve human rights along the entire product development chain, and expect the same from our brand partners. We follow principles of honesty, transparency, and compliance, and obey the law across all our business operations.
Data Protection

Ensuring data protection and cybersecurity due diligence is met every step of the way.

We continue to develop and update a collection of corporate regulations guarding data protection, data security, and consumer data transparency, reiterating our commitment to conducting business operations in a data protection-compliant way. We ensure data protection and cybersecurity due diligence is met by strictly obeying international data protection laws and refraining from data harvesting and selling.
Ethical AI Development

Developing ethically responsible AI, and committing to excellence in all phases of our business.

When developing our AI & AR technologies, we always look beyond our core business activities and objectives and strive to achieve significant contribution to our communities. Our innovative endeavors certainly have a positive purpose as we aim to make everyone’s lives easier and more enjoyable. We believe in ethically responsible AI development and are committed to excellence in all phases of our business.
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