YouCam for Web Enterprise

Web augmented reality (AR) & artifial intelligence (AI) beauty tech solutions designed for enterprise beauty brands

Upgrade Your Ecommerce Store with a Suite of AI & AR-powered Virutal Try-on Experiences

YouCam for Web provides the most complete suite of AI & AR beauty tech solutions designed to enhance your online shopping experience, significantly increasing sales conversions, and 'add to cart' volumes.
AR Makeup Virtual Try-On

Our beauty tech solutions are helping trailblazing brands gain immediate ROI results

increase in conversion rate
increase in conversion rate
increase in conversion rate

The AR & AI technologies behind YouCam for Web

AI-powered Real-time Face Tracking

The patented AgileFace® Tracking technology enables the absolute best AR makeup virtual try-on experience in terms of accuracy, speed, and inclusivity.


AI Deep Learning Technology

We have developed a series of AI algorithms to greatly enhance AR performance and deliver incredible experiences across a wide range of online shopping scenarios, including:

Virtual makeup try-onSkin analysis & simulationHair color try-on & hair type analysisGlasses virtual try-onEarring virtual try-onNails virtual try-onBeard dye & beard style virtual try-on

Hyper Realistic AR Rendering

The poweful AR engine renders fine details giving products a true-to-life look and feel. It blends visual characteristics like texture, reflection and lighting, with physics and motion to create realistic AR shopping experiences.


AI-powered Facial Analysis

  • Trained using 100,000+ faces of different genders & ethnic backgrounds
  • Capable of detecting 70+ types of facial traits & all possible color palettes.
  • Provides individualized product recommendations based on each customer’s unique feautures.


    AI-powered Hand Mapping

    We have also developed a dedicated AI-powered hand mapping engine, enabling virtual try-on experiences for nail polish try-ons as well as rings, bracelets, and watches, helping brands to enhance their online shopping journeys.


    Why YouCam Web AR for Enterprise?

    Versatile Compatibility

    YouCam for Web Enterprise solutions runs on efficient WebAssembly binary-code format, provides near-native speed performance, fast integration, high security, and compatible with modern cross-device, cross-OS browsers.

    Enhance Your Ecommerce Activities with Try-Before-You-Buy

    Virtual try-on has become an integral part of the shopping journey for many of our brand partners' customers. Our AI & AR-powered solutions greatly improve online consumer shopping experiences by:

    Increase conversion rate
    Inspire additonal purchase
    Personalized product recommendations
    Improve customer satisfaction (less returns)

    Enhanced Personal Data Protection with Edge Computing

    Our virtual try-on solution runs on edge computing technology, meaning that consumer’s data never leaves their personal devices*.

    In addition, our state-of-the-art AI-powered pixel-segmentation mask technology allows us to deliver best-in-class AR effects, without the need for conventional facial scanning technology.

    *Exception applies when a user chooses to share their photo with a third party - the image will be sent via email and pass through our email server temporarily.

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