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Discover What Your Brand Can Do with AI Foundation Shade Finder

Find the perfect foundation shade virtually with AI Foundation Match

Find your perfect shade with our AI-powered foundation shade finder with photo scan and state-of-the-art skin analysis. Easily color match foundation with your skin tone and undertone through a simple photo scan. Beauty brands and retailers now have the opportunity to provide consumers with a seamless and convenient way to discover their ideal virtual foundation match to their unique skin tones while shopping online!

Finding your foundation shade doesn't have to be hard. Our foundation matcher and skin tone scanner mimics the personalized experience of in-store consultations and beauty advisors, providing accurate shade recommendations to match your skin tone and undertone. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of online shade selection and embrace the confidence that comes with finding your perfect foundation match virtually.

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AI Foundation Shade Finder FAQ

1. How does foundation shade finder work with different skin types, skin tones, and undertone?

Perfect Corp.'s AI foundation shade finder uses deep learning to detect diverse skin tones from a database of 89,969 shades, identifying true undertones from warm to cool. This allows it to accurately match foundation shades for different skin tones from a photo, ensuring personalized selections.

2. How does the foundation shade finder match color shades?

The AI technology scans the skin tone and subsequently matches the photo with the most suitable shade from the brand's foundation collection. Additionally, it offers consumers the choice between warm and cool undertones to ensure a personalized selection.

3. How to color match foundation shade online?

You can color match foundation using Perfect Corp's AI Foundation Shade Finder. With instant skin tone detection, the powerful AI technology automatically matches the shade and users can virtually try on the the perfect foundation match on their face in real time. 

4. How can I find my skin shade?

With the help of an AI-powered foundation shade matcher, finding the right foundation shade for your skin tone can't be any easier. This shade finder analyzes users' skin tones and recommends the perfect foundation match, making the process quick and accurate.

5. What is the app that finds your skin shade?

YouCam Makeup App's AI foundation shade finder scans your skin to find your foundation match with a photo. It's a tool that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to help users determine the most suitable foundation shade for their skin tone

6. What color foundation am I?

Find the perfect foundation color to match your skin tone with a AI Foundation Shade Finder. Users can easily foundation match with the Foundation Shade Finder through AI deep learning by detects the full spectrum of skin tones from a database of 89,969 shades.

Device and Browser Compatibility
Devices and Browsers
Minimum Version
v100 with iOS 15+
Android OS
1. CPU requires Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+.
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