Face AI

Powerful AI technology taps into deep learning algorithms to provide highly accurate facial mapping for a true-to-life makeover experience. Combined with market leading AR technology users can experience a highly realistic makeover with true color and texture matching of real life products.
Makeup Look Transfer
Market leading 3D AR & AI technology taps into deep learning algorithms to bring makeup looks from printed photos to life in seconds. In-depth facial mapping develops an accurate 3D face AR makeup look from a photo or print image that users can try on in seconds.

Skin Diagnostic

The AI skin diagnostic tool utilizes deep learning technology to provide users with real-time skincare analysis through accurate detection of wrinkles, spots, skin texture and dark circles. Users can then track the efficacy of their skincare routine over time using the “Skin Diary” feature.
Instant Beautification
AI and machine learning technologies ensure accurate beautification results for any age, gender, skin tone, expression and pose. Smooth the skin, erase blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten dark circles, and even reshape the face all in real-time.
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