Perfect Corp. adheres to the highest standards of protecting the data of both brands and consumers.
Holding Data Security as a Core Commitment
Adhering to the highest standards of protecting the data of both the brands that we work with and the end users of our solutions is our core commitment. We design our solutions with safety at the center stage, and take every step necessary in safeguarding sensitive data. Our dedication to this matter is reflected in the number of safety certifications our solutions have received to date.
GDPR Compliance Commitment
We are committed to the principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), leveraging it as a blueprint and applying its policies to all solution users, regardless of their country of origin.
Compliance with HIPPA indicates that we deliver industry-standard security procedures around personally identifiable health and health-related data coming from our proprietary AI Skin Analyzer solution.
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Compliance with the ISO 27001 highlights our commitment towards integrating the latest cybersecurity defense technology, as well as strict access control, and risk management policies to achieve the highest level of information security.
MLPS 2.0
We are committed to the principles of the Multi-Level Protection Scheme known as MLPS, an important cybersecurity compliance standard with which nearly all domestic and foreign companies operating in China.
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