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Beauty technology provides innovative online shopping experience, and significantly increases add-to-cart and time-on-site for brands.
Learn how our trailblazing beauty solutions powered by AI & AR technology are helping brands experience immediate ROI results.

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Create a Consistent Digital Beauty Experience for All Channels

Market-leading solutions in beauty AI & AR to power innovative virtual try-ons and product recommendations. Cutting-edge beauty solutions powered by AI & AR technology encompasses all aspects of the brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

AR Makeup Virtual Try-On

Powerful 3D AR face technology gives users a true-to-life virtual makeover experience in real-time for all types of face makeup products. The solution is powered by the patented AgileFace® Tracking technology, enabling remarkably accurate & hyper-personalized virtual try-on experience for all beauty shoppers.Learn more

AI Virtual Hair Color Try-On

Virtually try-on hair colors in real-time and experience auto hair type detection with hair product recommendation. The innovative AI Hair technology improves online consumer shopping experience by allowing shoppers to sample various hair dye products in the most convenient way.Learn more

AI Skin Analysis

AI Skin Analysis solution detects and grades 14 types of skin concerns. Using AI deep learning algorithms, the skin analysis tool helps skincare brands drive sales thanks to the excellent recommendation engine that can be tailored to brands’ products & clinical tests.Learn more

AI Foundation Shade Finder and Matcher

The most accurate skin tone and foundation shade matching. The AI deep learning algorithm detects the full spectrum of skin tones based on 89,969 shades with unlimited grades from light to dark, and true undertones from warm to cool, providing excellent foundation matching and product recommendation.Learn more

AI Product Recommendations

Highly accurate personalized product matching using AI-powered virtual try-on technology. The AI algorithm can use a still photo to generate virtual makeup filters with integrated product information for shoppers to try on, instantly bringing makeup looks from printed photos to life.Learn more

Beauty Advisor 1-on-1

The Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 beauty solution allows your online shoppers to have on-demand video calls with real beauty consultants. The service provides a private interactive online environment between the shopper and the beauty consultant for a 1-on-1 virtual beauty consultation session. Learn more

Live AR for Corporate Training

The world’s only AR makeup training platform built for conducting online courses for beauty advisors. A revolutionary solution with integrated AR virtual try-on, helping brands to perform product training and allowing beauty advisors to virtually experience the product for a better learning experience.Learn more

AR Live Casting for Web and App

AR-powered beauty live casting uses virtual makeup try-ons to engage users in a real-time interactive experience directly on a brand’s website. Shoppers can virtually try on any cosmetic products mentioned during the live makeup shows without pausing or stopping the show.Learn more

In-Store Barcode Try-On

With In-Store Barcode Try-On, customers can scan a barcode on selected products from your store’s and directly try on the product using their phone. It allows retailers to offer a digital way for shoppers to virtually try-on beauty products without using any physical samples.Learn more

Hat and Headband Virtual Try-On

The AR earring 3D model supports high resolution textures, material reflections, and simulated motion physics with rigid body dynamics. The technology also provides the best AR effects for jewelry, headband, and hat virtual try-ons during online shopping.Learn more

AI-Powered Virtual Try-On for Glasses

Bring hyper realistic virtual glasses try-on experience to your shoppers. The 3D mapping technology allows eyewear brands to effortlessly create accurate virtual glasses using 3 still images. Our auto pupillary distance (PD) detection ensures the most accurate frame size fitting on all customer's faces.Learn more

Join industry-leading beauty companies using YouCam Enterprise beauty solutions to cultivate your business and boost sales.

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