Skincare AR

Unparalleled AR & AI powered skin analysis The AI skin diagnostic tool utilizes deep learning technology to provide users with real-time skincare analysis. Through accurate detection of wrinkles, spots, skin texture and dark circles track the efficacy of a skincare routine over time using the “Skin Diary” feature.
Wrinkle Detection
Highly accurate wrinkle detection is the cutting edge in the fight against anti-aging. Precise face detection and facial tracking analyzes and highlights the finest lines and wrinkles even before they are visible.

Spot Detection

Powering the next stage in skincare and acne management with AR. Advanced facial recognition combined with machine learning powers realistic spot and acne analysis helping users to manage skin conditions effectively.
Texture Analysis
Detailed skin texture analysis powered by deep learning and AI algorithms picks up on all aspects of skin health. Highly accurate measurements allow for in-depth analysis helping provide directions for the best skincare routine.

Skin Score & Age

Discover your real skin age and score with patented facial recognition technology. Highly accurate readings are calculated by tapping into a wealth of data through powerful algorithms and analysis of wrinkles, dark circles, spots, and skin texture.
Condition Tracking
Track precise changes in skin condition over time with our skin diary. Incorporated into the skin AI skin diagnostic tool, the skin diary utilizes in-depth AI technology to track fine changes in texture, wrinkles, spots and dark circles over time. Allowing users to monitor easily the effectiveness of skin care routines.
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